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Solar Appointments Information

Solar Appointments Information

What we believe?

At we believe that education and awareness are the driving forces in solar adoption.

What we do?

We manage outsourced marketing and sales campaigns for the best brands in clean energy. Our platform is designed exclusively for acquiring residential solar customers.

Highest Performance: outperforms competition by 24% in sales conversions.

Superior Customer Experience:  

With over 20 years’ experience. Over one billion pieces of mail sent out over the last 20 years. Thousands of happy customers.

Foundation of Success:

100% satisfaction from partners like, Clearpath Financial and hundreds more… Solar Appointments Information

An Industry Leader: is a national leader in outsourced sales and marketing services for smart energy living.

How it Works?

A no-risk approach to optimizing inbound lead conversion rates.

solardirectmail-info drives sales for Ralos Solar and Energy. Direct through white-labeled call center services.       


Ralos Energy & Solar, a major CA residential

solar installer, needed to diversify sales channels beyond

door to door canvassing.

Solution: was hired to build a lead qualification and inside sales offering for Ralos Energy & Solar.

Outcome:   hit performance objectives both in lead responsiveness time, qualification per hour rate and appointment sit rate.  This has led Ralos Solar & Energy to invest more heavily in lead channels outside canvassing such as digital marketing campaigns.

Pilot Program Pricing :


Services In Pilot Pricing Include:

US based, inbound call center services.

Lead Qualification.

Appointment setting.     Call audio recordings.

Unique program phone numbers.

Weekly reporting detailing lead status, disposition and call center performance metrics.

Appointment Criteria:

Qualified Held Appointments” are homeowners who receive a home solar quote and fulfil the following criteria (the “Criteria”):

  • Are interested in, and actively searching for, a residential solar system to supply solar electricity to their homes to purchase (including by way of third-party financed loans) or lease.

  • Have provided all of the following information: name, connected phone number, home address, confirmation of re-roof for roofs with less than five years in their warrantied life, average monthly electric bill.

  • Each home is located in the territory of Solar Installer

  • Such home is owned and occupied by the Qualified Appointment.

  • Such home is a single family detached house.

  • There shall not be excessive shading, (solar array should receive 80% of the available daily hours of sunlight per day as measured with a SunEye device), and site feasibility has been confirmed by reviewing satellite imagery of such home.

  • Home must accommodate a residential rooftop solar system of at least 2.5 kW DC

  • Customer has verbally confirmed credit score of 650 or above (applies for customers that want a solar loan).

  • If the customer is on a medical discount-billing plan with the utility, then they must verbally confirm having an average monthly electric bill above $200.

  • An appointment for a solar consultation has been scheduled with the homeowner by com.

  • Roof cannot be wood shake material or slate.