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Solar Qualified Held Appointments

Qualified Solar Held Appointments

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“Qualified Held Appointments” are homeowners who receive a home solar quote and fulfil the following criteria (the “Criteria”):

  • Are interested in, and actively searching for, a residential solar system to supply solar electricity to their homes to purchase (including by way of third-party financed loans) or lease.
  • Have provided all of the following information: name, connected phone number, home address, confirmation of re-roof for roofs with less than five years in their warrantied life, email, average monthly electric bill.
  • Each home is located in the territory as discussed by both parties and indicated on invoice.
  • Such home is owned and occupied by the Qualified Appointment.
  • Such home is a single family detached house.
  • There shall not be excessive shading, (solar array should receive 80% of the available daily hours of sunlight per day as measured with a SunEye device), and site feasibility has been confirmed by reviewing satellite imagery of such home.
  • Home must accommodate a residential rooftop solar system of at least 2.5 kW DC capacity.
  • Customer has verbally confirmed credit score of 650 or above (applies for customers that want a solar loan).
  • If the customer is on a medical discount-billing plan with the utility then they must verbally confirm having an average monthly electric bill above $200.
  • An appointment for a solar consultation has been scheduled with the homeowner by
  • Roof cannot be wood shake material or slate.

Services In Pilot Pricing Include:

  • US based, call center services.
  • Under 1 minute lead response time.
  • 14 hour daily call center uptime (6 am pacific time -8 pm pacific time)
  • Call audio recordings.
  • Unique program phone numbers with local area codes.
  • 100% held appointment ratio on scheduled appointments.
  • Weekly reporting detailing lead status, disposition and call center performance metrics